Friday, March 28, 2008

Fabulous Foot Friday

This episode of Fabulous Foot Friday will bring to you the Fancy Trim Foot. This is another embellishing foot similar to last weeks foot.

This foot has a flat opening best for ribbons and such. It guides the ribbon so that it is perfectly placed on your project. I like this foot because it is clear and you can see if the ribbon is getting bent on the sides.
So, while this is a similar foot to last week I want to show it to you anyway. Everyone has different needs and I like to show all the different options. As I am showing you these feet I am inspired to use them. I hope you are inspired too. Hmmmm? What is the next project I can use this on?

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  1. Tamara, yet another useful foot :) . BTW, what machine do you have? Did it come with all these accessory feet or did you buy them on your own. I have about 6 or 7 feet in all, but typically only use 3. I must recheck what feet I have. I do know there is a cording and edge foot in my box but can't remember what the last one(s) was.

  2. Kat, I have a Viking 770. Viking has quite a few accessory feet available (obviously). It came with 5 feet or so. All of the feet that I have talked about are ones that I purchased myself little by little. I am a foot junkie (can you tell). I use some of them all the time and some rarely. Some are very similar but I am very glad that I have all the different options. Some I wonder why I purchased in the first place. I am now learning not to go too crazy and really have a need for each foot that I purchase and not just buy it because it looks cool or just because I don't have that one. Feet can be so addictive. :)

  3. Thanks, Tamara. I need to get a special box for new feet. I bought a 1/4" foot a while back for my machine and can't find it. My walking foot takes a walk sometimes and I can't find that either on occasion. Then I bought some special feet for my serger and have never used them. I think those are in a paper bag somewhere in my sewing studio. I stopped buying feet for my serger because it's almost time to get a new one. My ancient Pfaff is really nice, but those Babylocks make me drool everytime I think about them. Serious serger envy going on when I know people that have them!


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