Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pictures of Next Couple of Projects

I have told you that I am planning to make a skirt and a shirt. Well, I thought you might like to see the pattern that I am using.

The skirt: Burda 7861 (I unsuccessfully tried to get the technical drawing off the website. I love the technical drawings because they really show the lines of a garment.)
I will be making this out of brown fine wale corduroy.
And the shirt: New Look 6407
I am not sure what I am going to make this out of. I have two choices. One is a solid and the other is a really pretty lavender stripe. Eventually I think that both with be made into this shirt if I can get the fit right on the first one.

I am a little nervous to start the shirt. I have been reading about all the "fun" others have been having with their fitted shirts over at Pattern Review. I am hoping that this project does not totally frustrate me.

First though, I will start with the skirt. I think that it will break me back in slowly to fitting garments for myself. I am hoping to start tonight.

I wish that I had shirt fabric that would coordinate with the skirt. It would be so much fun to make a coordinating outfit. Up until now I have not purchased fabric with coordination in mind. I just purchase what I like or what might go with other things in my closet. After I get rid of some of this stash I will definitely try to purchase fabrics with more of a plan. Everything is a learning process!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a fantastic day!!

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  1. I just finished a blouse made from that New Look pattern-- I didn't have any difficulty with the fitting at all, actually. Usually stuff ends up looking way too big at my waist but this one seems to be fine. The only construction difficulty I had was with the sleeves, because I did view D with the cutout sleeves. It was hard to get the bias tape to lay flat around the cutout and still catch all of the edge in the stitching, and then I had to kind of wing it on the ties because I could not figure out how to line it up the way they said to. But overall I'm happy with it. Hope that helps some.

  2. Becky, I am so glad to hear this. Hopefully the sleeves will not give me too much difficulty. I am going to do the 3/4 cuffed sleeve like on the model. Thanks!

  3. I have that top pattern, but I haven't attempted it yet. Let us know how it goes!


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