Monday, March 3, 2008

Alaska Iditarod 2008 Day 2

Things are constantly changing in the race right now. A storm is coming in and that will really challenge the dogs and mushers. Most of the leaders have left Rohn (checkpoint 8).

Top 10 Mushers So Far:

Name Checkpoint Time
1 Lance Mackey OUT OF Rohn 03/03 20:36
2 Hugh Neff OUT OF Rohn 03/03 20:38
3 Kjetil Backen IN TO Rohn 03/03 17:41
4 Paul Gebhardt IN TO Rohn 03/03 19:49
5 Gerry Willomitzer IN TO Rohn 03/03 19:54
6 Aaron Burmeister IN TO Rohn 03/03 20:10
7 Zack Steer IN TO Rohn 03/03 20:31
8 Rick Swenson IN TO Rohn 03/03 20:43
9 Hans Gatt IN TO Rohn 03/03 20:46
10 Warren Palfrey OUT OF Rainy Pass 03/03 16:29

Four-time Iditarod champion Jeff King, in the starting chute on Willow Lake during the restart, was the second musher out of Skwentna March 3, 2008.

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