Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fabulous Foot Friday--Zipper Foot

This week I have been enchanted with my Narrow Zipper Foot. I have been putting in zippers with the one that came with my machine for quite a few years. I did not have too much trouble doing it. I did have to figure out some tricks to get by the zipper pull but once I did putting in a zipper wasn't too bad. Well, for me it just got even easier. Here is a picture of my two zipper feet. The one on the left is my narrow zipper foot and the one on the right is the one that came with my machine. Notice how different they look. It used to be difficult for me to maneuver the wide one past the pull and it could be a challenge to get right up next to the teeth. With my new narrow foot it is SO much easier. I couldn't believe the difference until I was putting in a fly zipper last week. It went slick as a whistle past the pull. My life has taken a new direction where zipper insertion is concerned.

Let me tell you where I first heard about this magical foot. I was in Puyallup, WA last year for the Sewing Expo. I went to a zipper seminar by Rosebud. She is an instructor for Islander Sewing Systems and was teaching her factory methods for putting in zippers. During the seminar she showed us how to put in a slot zipper and stressed the importance of having a narrow foot. I purchased her DVD Easy Zippers because I really liked how easy she made zippers look. The DVD also came with a universal narrow zipper foot. Well, I tried her foot and was not exactly pleased with it. I liked how I was able to maneuver the foot but I did not feel like it fit my machine correctly. So, finally after my uses ending up in total frustration I searched out a narrow foot that was made for my machine and that has made all the difference. I am a firm believer in this foot. Now, if you are still using the wide foot (most of you are probably already using this foot) then go check out a narrow one. I am sure that you won't be sorry.

Before I forget, let me also tell you that I love the Easy Zipper DVD. I put in my first fly zipper and it turned out beautiful the FIRST time. She does a great job explaining in a very detailed way how to put in many different kinds of zippers.

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  1. Tamara,

    At one point I almost bought that book, but the Mad About Zippers class was being offered at Patternreview so I took that. I never really wanted to do an invisible zip until a pair of pants I was making two years ago. It was a great class, but I still hated invisibile zips and I found out why two weeks ago. The right foots makes all the difference in the world! I'd been using the generic plastic zipper foot (which is designed specifically for YKK zippers I found out) for the Coats&Clark which are always readily available where I live. So after ruining yet another C&C invisible zip, I bought one final one, looked up at the Walmart rack and saw a specific C&C invisible zipper foot. So spent a few more dollars and what an investment! It went in like a charm.

    Getting the right foot for the job really does matter! It's why I look forward to your tutorials. I'm such a lazy girl at changing the foot but am getting motivated by reading your Fab Friday posts.

  2. BTW, my husband wanted me to ask you if you ever watch that show, "Clinically Wild"? I guess it's based in Anchorage. Something like Pet Emergency Center. We were watching that last night.

    I enjoy learning what you Alaska people are doing way over yonder. It's sure a LONG way from the Poconos!

  3. Thank you so much for the tip! I am one of those that are afraid of the zipper!

  4. Hey! I like to go the Puyallup Sewing Expo too! :) I go about every 3rd year or so. I'm hoping to go next year if DH's slope schedule falls in the right spot. My mother-in-law and I usually follow up the Expo with a trip to Portland. They have some fab fabric stores there!


  5. I think that wide foot is for invisible zippers. Can't tell from the pic, but those feet are usually wide and have a channel in the bottom. They're meant to straddle the tiny coils of an invisible zipper. The teeth slide through the little channel in the bottom of the foot. An invisible zipper looks really elegant when applied.

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

    Kat-I am so glad that you finally found the right foot for the zippers. It makes all the difference. I haven't seen Clinically Wild. I will have to check it out.

    Giabella Designs-You're welcome! I checked out your blog and I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

    Charity-My mom and I are planning to go next year too. How fun to go to Portland after. I have heard of the great stores there and would someday love to go. I usually have to get home right after the Expo to relieve my husband from the children. I checked and this foot doesn't have any channels on the bottom. I think that I might have a different foot that is for invisible zippers. I have a couple of feet that I don't really know what they are for. I did when I bought them but since I never used them I have forgotten. I will have to search and see if I have an actual invisible zipper foot. On the DVD Rosebud shows how to easily put in an invisible zipper with the Narrow Zipper Foot. I am interested to see if it actually is an easy way for me to do.


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