Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Dress Complete!

Saturday was a crazy day. I spent all day sewing. That was so much fun. My husband took my kids out for a bit for and Easter Egg Hunt. It was nice to have some quiet. I finished my daughters Easter dress. The hand stitching took longer than I thought it would on Saturday evening. It was such a relief to have it done. I spent about 3 weeks consistently working on this dress. I don't think that my daughter appreciates me or this dress as I think that she should. She didn't bow down and hail my greatness when she put it on. What's up with that??!! LOL! I didn't get a great picture of the dress because she was busy on her treasure hunt and we were madly getting ready for church. I am going to take her for some more professional pictures sometime to get better pictures of the dress.

The pattern is from Austrailian Smocking & Embroidery Magazine #57. It is a combination of two dresses, Angelique and Field of Flowers (shown on cover). I used the smocking pattern from Angelique but I added the flowers in the middle. To lengthen it I added a contrasting band at the bottom. I hid the stitching for the band under tucks. I love how these patterns are written. They are easy to follow and they have you do some great techniques. I absolutely loved how this turned out. It is such a class little girl dress. To me it looks like that I bought it in an expensive boutique and not homemade.

On to Saturday Project #2 The Cape: I finished this also. It took me longer than I thought it would. I am such a horrible judge of how long a project will take. Anyway, I had it all completed it looked great. I put it on my dress form to steam it. I will not talk about what happened next. It is too upsetting. Next subject.

Project #3 didn't get started. I didn't have time to do anything with my skirt except look over the pattern and wash the fabric. I am hoping to get to it this week. I have been knitting the last couple of nights so I haven't started this yet.

Possible projects this week: Skirt and a fitted shirt. We will see what happens.

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  1. What?!?! She didn't bow down to you in appreciation? Say it isn't so :) . Why is it how we can spend so much time on a particular outfit and they don't seem to care that much, but when you give them something simple, they go crazy over it? Case in point. I made a very simple pair of nightpants for DD#2 and she is so thrilled with them. Go figure. If I made her a formal dress, the response definitely wouldn't be the same.


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