Friday, August 3, 2007

Fishing Weekend

Well, I haven't blogged for a while. Every time I try something comes up. Sewing has been on hold for a bit while we enjoy the last days of summer up here in AK. I did sew my daughter some Tinkerbell jammies for her birthday because she wanted them so much. Being the loving mother that I am, desiring only to satisfy my childrens' every wish (lol) I stayed up until 3 AM sewing the night before her birthday.

Okay, back on track. Last weekend we went some property my Grandparents own down on the Kenai Penninsula (about 2 hours south of Anchorage). This property while not attractive in itself it is right on the Kenai River and looks across at some beautiful scenery. And oh yes, it is a GREAT salmon fishing spot. Every year the 'reds' (red salmon-some of the best tasting salmon I am told) come in en masse and my whole family (quite the family reunion) flocks to this piece of land (it is actually a giant sandbox surrounded by RV's and travel trailers.

This run, which coincides every year with the Nordstrom Sale, brings great excitement. I spent the weekend watching people pull in tons of fish. My children were very excited to get in on the action. They loved fishing. They did not actually hook anything because they were not using fly rods but they got to bring in some that their uncles hooked.

My kids thought that the best part was beating the fish on the head till their 'eyes got wide' once they were brought in to shore. Yes, all weekend my children ran around with the fish whacker whacking and killing innocent fish.
They LOVED it! I LOVED it too. Not the fish whacking but the fact that my children were totally entertained and I could do whatever I wanted. I should have been knitting a sweater for my 5 year old but I read instead.

This was his first salmon. Next year he is planning on catching it all on his own. They both now have 2 cans of fresh smoked salmon to enjoy. They are pretty pleased with themselves. My daughter cannot wait to make dip with hers.

Red season is over for this year. Fish has been smoked and canned. We can now enjoy the fruits of our labors. Well, they all can. I do not like fish! I know, I know, how can I live in AK and not like fish? Just a flaw I guess!

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