Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabulous Foot Day

I have another foot that is for embellishment and whatever else you can think of. The foot for this week, the Open Toe Foot, has so many possibilities.
As you can see this foot is totally open so you can see exactly what you are sewing. None of the stitches are hidden. This is especially nice for decorative stitches, appliqu������ satin stitches, or zig zag type stitches. The red dot helps you guide so that your stitches are straight. Since the foot is open it is important to have your fabric wide enough so is is under both side feet. If you have fabric under only one side you may lose it in the feed dogs or wavy stitching lines. This is a great additional foot to have. It is not necessary but does bring a bit of ease to certain types of stitches. If you have a use for this foot that you love please let me know. I love to have new ways to use all these feet I have.

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  1. Tamara, that is one foot I do have and do use :) . I use it mostly for decorative stitches. When I bought my computerized machine several years ago, the instructor in the how-to-use-your-machine class was quite enthused about this foot.

    BTW, how's the weather in Alaska? It's annoyingly warm here in the Poconos. A preview of what's to come but I hate when it gets warm this early. It makes for bad sleeping weather. It's hard to get used to going from cold to warm in one day. I just told one of my kids I'd like to live in Alaska.


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