Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Hello blogland. Sorry I have been away for a while. Well, actually I have been here the whole time reading posts and some commenting but I have not really had anything to post about. I am sure you do not want to be bored with my random musings about stuff. Many people do it very well and make it fun and interesting but unfortunately not me. Anyway, I have been crafting quite a bit. I have been working on a a sweater for my oldest son. I started it at the beginning of the summer and I am almost done. I will show pictures later this week. I also have a pair of socks that I am on the second sock and will maybe have finished within this week or so (I really do not like this project so I want to be done with it!) As soon as I unearth my sewing UFOs I will tell you about the contest i entered over at Pattern Review. This week there will be more posts. Make sure you check back with me. Have a great Tuesday!

Until next time...

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