Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Could Go a Month on This One!!

My mom and her best friend used to say this phrase a lot when my brothers (her sons) and I were younger. This phrase would come out when we would do something or say something that they had worked hard to teach us or showed some appreciation for all they did. These small things were what kept them going and loving motherhood. When I was younger I did not understand this at all. Boy, how things change. I completely understand now. Those moments of satisfaction when you know that your children are listening to what you are trying to teach them are few and far between. In my head I know that my children listen to me, love and appreciate me but they do not clearly express as much as I would like. So often I feel like I am talking to little brick walls. When I hear through the grapevine they did or said something I had been teaching them it is such a boost of confidence that I am doing a good job of being their mom. Plus, anytime I hear that they love me or thank me for something I did for them it is such a great moment.

(She wrote the missing letters and words on the post-its.)

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