Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fabulous Foot Friday Postponed

Sorry for the delay but Fabulous Foot Friday will have to be postponed until later today or tomorrow. Yesterday evening (when I usually am able to post) my husband took me out for dinner. We don't get to do this often so we had a lot of fun. Today I have a few fun things planned for the family. Every year in February we have a winter festival called the Fur Rendezvous (Ron-dee-voo). Tons of events are planned from balls to dog sled races to pancake feeds. It takes place all over Anchorage. We are going to do some of the fun things. We missed the parade, and the dog races but there is still plenty left. Maybe I will take some pictures.

So, until later today (hopefully)...


  1. This is so interesting to find out what you do in Anchorage! SO far away from where I live.

  2. We always look forward to this time of year when there are fun (and crazy)free things to do. Next weekend is the start of the Iditarod and that will be a lot of fun.


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