Friday, January 25, 2008

Fabulous Foot Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Fabulous Foot Friday keeping on the same subject of edgestitching/topstitching.

Here is the first presser foot I ever purchased: The Edge Stitching Foot

My sewing instructor introduced me to this when I first started learning to sew. I was working on a pair of toddler overalls that had TONS of topstitching. I LOVED using this foot. My stitching came out perfectly straight and I was a newbie. This is fantastic for edgestitching because you can get so close to the edge ( On my machine I just move the needle over). It is also teriffic for sewing multiple rows. Just set the guide along another row of stitching, a seam (pictured below), or edge (pictured below) and the result is a perfect parallel line of stitching. How cool is that?!

I know that this foot is similar to last weeks feature foot (the Left Edge Topstitching Foot) but I wanted to show the different options available. Some of you might really like having a guide that you can run along and not have to line up the edge with the red dot. The Edge Stitching Foot can be more precise and easier to use because of the guide on the side. I use both feet at different times so I like having both options.

If any of you have a foot like this and love it for a specific application please let me know. I love to know new ways to use my feet and improve my creativity options and I am sure that other would love to glean from your creativity also.

Again, this is a Viking foot but I know that this also can be found for other machine types. It is a fairly standard option.

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  1. You have such a nice blog! And you just reminded me of the edgestitching foot that I do have but can't remember where I put it!

    What is sewing like in Anchorage? Do you have a lot of sewing/fabric stores? Alaska seems SO far away to me.

    And BTW, what's the weather like up there at this time of year?

  2. Kat, I am so sorry that it took me so long to reply. Thank so much for your kind words about my blog! Sewing in Anchorage has it's ups and downs. We have 3 great quilt stores with fantastic cottons plus a few more about an hour away. We have a really nice small local fabric store that carries a variety of fashion fabrics and sewing staples. Of course, we have JoAnns. The down side is the lack of sewing classes available. Our nice local sewing store just started offering a few classes. I think that there will be more in the future though so I am excited about that.

    The weather is cold but I think mild compared to some of the US. We have been hovering around zero or below for the last couple of weeks. Our winters are long though. We will have snow until April possibly May. We never know. Lately it has been really sunny and we are enjoying the bit more daylight we are getting. Even a few more minutes each day make a big difference. Now is when we really start looking forward to summer and all the daylight we get then.


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