Thursday, January 17, 2008

Collar Tutorial

There are different ways to make a collar. I used to follow the pattern directions and I never got a crisp corner. I recently found this method by Nancy Zieman in "Sewing With Nancy's Favorite Hints" (by the way, I love this book). My corners turn out great now with this method. So, I thought I would share it with you. I hope you enjoy.

How to make a great collar:

1. Cut out collar pieces and interface BOTH pieces. After interfacing it is a good idea to place your pattern piece back on your collar to make sure that it is still the same size.
2. Stitch collar pieces (right sides together) along the unnotched edge from end to end. Press the stitches on both sides to meld in the stitches.
3. Now press seam open on both sides. Grade seam making the undercollar seam allowance smaller than the uppercollar.
4. Press seam allowance toward the undercollar. Understitch the entire seam. I find it easiest to stitch from the right side through the undercollar and seam allowance. Stitch as close to the seam as possible. Hold the sides of the fabric taut so that the seam is as flat as possible. Do not stitch the uppercollar.
5. Place sides of collar right sides together and sew side seams from the fold to the neck edge. Grade seam with the undercollar seam smaller than the uppercollar. Trim corner. Press seam on both sides to meld stitches then press open.

6. Turn collar right side out. Use a point turner to shape the collar points. Press well. Voila! A fabulous collar.

Hope this helps you make a great collar!

Until next time...

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