Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spartan Pullover Update

I have actually been working on this sweater. I thought for sure that I would get to the end of the fair isle pattern and then go find something else. But, I have surprised myself and continued. It has gone much quicker than I thought it would. About 13 inches are complete. Woohoo! Only about 3 more inches until I split the front and back. I think I might be able to get to this point tomorrow evening. I am a little (okay, no, a lot) concerned that I will not have enough yarn. I guess I will have to wait and see. If worst comes to worst I can always make it a vest. Unfortunately I cannot go back for more yarn. I do not think that my LYS would have the same dye lot after a year. That's what I get for taking so long to complete a project. Knit on!

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  1. You never know. I went back to a yarn store 2 years after I bought the yarn in need of one more skein. They actually had it! Of course, after finishing the sweater it looked like poop and was unwearable (unless you're into the whole "sleeves that are past your fingertips while the front rides up so your belly button shows" look) but at least I finished it! Go look, they might still have some, and then you can breathe a little easier. You COULD always add a chest stripe, different colored cuffs and neckline, or stripes of a different color around the armhole to stretch your yarn out, too.


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