Monday, July 16, 2007

I Cannot Work in this MESS!

My sewing room is in combination with my office. I love having the two together because my hubby can be working on the computer while I am sewing. At least we are in the same room even if we aren't exactly communicating. Anyway, our office tends to be a dumping ground. Actually this is an understatement! The office was such a disaster I had had ENOUGH! I would like to sew a shirt before I leave on Wednesday to go to a DT convention. The fabric has been sitting on my cutting table for a month or so. ( I have been knitting since I cannot find my cutting table.) So I finally cleaned up! It is far from perfect but at least I can sew now.



Here is what I am working on. I will have pictures before I leave on Wednesday!

The pattern is by Favorite Things. It is a nice and simple pattern. The fabric by Amy Butler. I saw this pattern made up in a fabric store in WA when I was there in March for a Sewing Expo. I loved it and had to have it. They had it in a different fabric. I loved this print. It is a little bolder than I am used to wearing but I need to branch out! I am excited to finish this and wear it.

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  1. Wow! I love the fabric!

    I think mayhap I will have to borrow that pattern as soon as you are done with it, hmmmm?


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