Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blog World Here I Come!

Okay, I am finally going to try to start my own blog to share my passion for my crafts and my family. A good friend of mine has been blogging for a while now (and having so much fun at it I am very jealous) I am ready to bite the bullet and share my creations with the world. I have a blog for my Discovery Toys business but only update it a few times a month. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this one. I think that this one will be tons of fun and I am very excited.

A little about Me:

I am married with 3 children. They often cause me to NOT knit sew much!

I love to sew. Mainly I sew for my daughter because I am chicken to try and make stuff that fits me. My few attempts to sew for myself has ended pretty well but I need to do it more to get over my fear. Every once in a while I will sew an accessory for myself.

I love to knit. My children have also been the recipients for all of my knitted creations. I like to knit for my boys. They love it when I make things for them. I do not particularly love to sew for them but I love to make them great sweaters.

I also really enjoy scrapping, quilting, and jewelry making but sewing and knitting are my main focus for crafting.

I am hoping to share my creations on this blog. I will probably start with some of my past stuff. And of course I will have to share my family with you because they are my pride and joy!

To start here is a picture of my family. Starting at the left: My husband Keith, Elianna age 6, Seth age 5, Me, and Silas age 3.

Every year I buy flag shirts from Old Navy to take a family photo. This year I picked up the shirts in early June. Usually we all match but this year I couldn't find all matching shirts so my daughter helped me pick coordinating ones. So, the shirts sat in the bag on our dresser until the morning of the 4th. My husband put his on and I about died laughing. The tag said adult but the shirt was clearly designed for a woman. It had little cap sleeves. Oh my, he looked hilarious!!! I wish I had taken a picture. I tried mine on but did not like how it fit. So we were scrambling for coordinating shirts. Luckily, our 2005 shirts worked and we have a nice family photo.

Now knitting:
I am a pretty slow knitter. Generally I start out making something for one child and it ends up being for a younger one. Oh well, someone will wear it is my motto! In this picture...

my youngest son is wearing one of the first sweaters I made. I actually made it for his sister. When it was finished (with the arms and length a bit shortl since it was started when she was a year and a half younger) she informed me that she did not like it! It was just blue (no flowers, pink or anything girly). So, very frustratedly of course, I threw it in the closet. I tried it once on Seth when I thought it might fit him. It hung on him horribly! Strike TWO. Back into the closet it went. A day or two before Easter this year I realized my poor boys had been neglected. Elianna had a new dress (made by my mom) but they had nothing. So we rushed out to find something. I was relieved to find some nice button-up shirts at Gymboree and a great jacket on sale at Sears. Easter morning as we were getting ready (madly because we were running late as usual) I asked my husband to bring up the blue sweater. When he did I was shocked, and pleasantly surprised that it matched the shirt. I was so excited!! Someone might finally wear this stupid (as I affectionately call it) sweater. FINALLY SUCCESS!!

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