Monday, March 16, 2009

Portland Fabric Store Tour Stop #1: Josephine's Dry Goods

Our first stop was going to be Bolt Fabrics. According to an article in Threads Magazine it was one of the best Fabric stores in Portland. Unfortunately, we were there on Monday which is the day it is closed. So we headed on to our next destination.

Josephine's Dry Goods
521 SW 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97205

This store is located in downtown Portland . It is on the bottom floor of a taller building. The store was small but very nice. The quality of the fabrics was great. They had some very beautiful fabrics I would have loved to take home. The prices, while not inexpensive, seemed reasonable compared to some other stores we had been at. The sales woman was friendly and helpful but let us shop on our own. They also sell Burda World of Fashion Magazines so I was able to pick up the February issue. I was very excited to actually look through a magazine in person. I loved so many of the styles in this issue. The shirt dress is fantastic. I might have to try making this.

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