Saturday, February 14, 2009

Superior Threads Giveaway

I usually don't do two posts in one day but right now I have the time. I could probably do 5 with all the different things I could write about. I have a few finished garments, a sweater in the works, quilt blocks and blankets. But I don't want to go into those things right now. I just want to do some quick blogging in order to quickly get back to sewing.

Superior Threads is having a giveaway on their new blog. I love Superior Threads. I use their So Fine thread for constructing garments. It is such wonderful thread. There is hardly any lint at all. My machine stays so clean using it. When I first purchased some thread I thought it was a bit expensive. But once I started using it I was hooked. It stitches beautifully and so smoothly. For me it is worth every penny. And actually it is cheaper per yard. The up front cost is a little more but it will last a long time if you get the big cones.

Check out their website for all their products. They carry tons of different quilting and embroidery threads and many other kinds too. They have lots of great info on their website, in their newsletters, and I think on their blog in the future.

Thanks for stopping by again. Have a great day!

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  1. That's good to know. My machine collects alot of lint too.


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