Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another "Sweet Sunday" Ruffle Dress

I made this one almost the same as the last one for my niece. You can go here to see that review. The only change was in the sleeve bands. I made one continuous band instead of having a tie. I tried to make a tie but the velvet ribbon I used for the band was too bulky. I really like the simple band.
Ottobre 6/2009 #23

Sleeve Band

I love the fabric for this dress. I picked it up at Joann's a few months ago. They actually had quite a few nice corduroy prints this fall but this one jumped out at me and said take me home. I couldn't resist. My daughter really likes the print too which is a plus.

I am now working on a shirt that was supposed to be part of my wardrobe. I might have it finished in the next couple of days. It has been slow going. Hopefully I can get to fit right.

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  1. Cute dress and cute young lady. Good luck on your blouse. Sew on!

  2. Very nice dress! I have this one traced, but didn't get to sew it yet - the fabric I was planning to use turned out to not be enough.

    Did you add any to the length? or is that the real length of the dress?

  3. Naptime seamstress: I couldn't email you so I will answer your question here.

    My daughter is tall and skinny. I made a size 128 but she is 140cm tall so I lengthened it a bit. I added 21/2-3" (I can't remember exactly) in the bodice and 1/2" to each of the ruffles (and then the lining fabric also). I am not sure what the real length is. I think the first one for my niece was the actual length and my son who tried it on is close to the correct height.


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