Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burda 8-2008-103

I purchased the Aug 208 Burda mag last year mainly because of this pattern. I loved it immediately. Since I bought it in the fall it was too cold for such short sleeves so I put it off until this summer. Well, this summer has been so busy that I am only now getting around to making it. I know that summer is almost over for us but I wanted to do this anyway. Maybe I will get to wear it once or twice before it gets too cold. I got this fun polyester silky polka dot fabric back in March from Fabric Depot in Portland specifically for this project. I love using fabric that I got while on a trip. The actual fabric is a little more burgandy than red.

I have the pieces cut and I am hoping to get some time to start sewing this up soon.

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  1. That is going to be WONDERFUL!

  2. Lovely design and fabric, how's the sewing going :-)?


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